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Report - Beeston Fuel Depot (Cheshire, Jun, 2019)


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During WW2 a network of pipes and depots was built to transfer fuel between west coast ports and east coast airfields (GPSS). After the war some of this was mothballed but other parts continue to be used.
The Mersey was one of the main west coast ports, so there are a few of these old fuel depots local to me. I had a look at a couple about a year ago (Butter Hill and Carlett Park) but they weren’t very interesting since it wasn’t possible to get inside anything.
Recently I came across the Goostrey/Twemlow depot by accident, and this was much better so I thought I’d do another one a bit further south near Beeston Castle.

There’s one report on here https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/beeston-fuel-depot-tarporley-march-2017.107871/#post-1170998, and the only explicit history I can find for this depot comes from tigger’s comment on the report:
“Constructed 1940-41 by Regent Oil Co. Ltd for use as part of the GPSS system. C2 tanks (the same design as Goostrey/Twemlow though five of them are smaller capacity). The site was cleared of fuel before 1986 and then sold.”

The depot is beside the railway with a reclamation yard running alongside part of it.

Beeston Castle - I was wondering what these lumps in a field over by the railway were when up in the castle a while ago.

Capped pipes emerging into one of the yellow brick-lined sheds near the railway.

The larger tanks have had holes whacked in their sides…

…some have been completely demolished for scrap..

…with one hole full of water.

A local keeps a herd of deer here, and there are several ex-deer inside and outside the tanks in various states of decomposition.

Some internals - the larger tanks are all similar.

A smaller tank with a heat exchanger - the only one still dark inside.

Another small tank.

Not the most exciting of explores, but a pleasant way to spend a couple of hrs on a sunny day.


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A view of it from the castle soon after Anthony started to remove metal


...and just for fun, a couple of the pipeline markers for the N/S (N) pipeline (Backford to Lincomb) where it runs past PSD Beeston. First the aerial survey marker and then the boundary crossing and detail plate (note that each has a unique rererence number)



The depot was primarily for storage but had rail access for loading and discharge A small road gantry was used for discharge only.


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A view of it from the castle soon after Anthony started to remove metal...
Thanks for the shot from the castle - mine was so poor I didn't include it.

Also for the markers - loads of these things for various pipelines if you wander on the wrong side of the fence in the Ellesmere Port/Manc Ship Canal areas - it had never occurred to me to look up what the various colours and markings might mean.


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Time passes quickly, installations come and go as the need for them changes - most are lost without trace - many thanks for the record.

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