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Report - Belfast, Part 1 - Crumlin & Shankhill Roads

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with OT :cool:

We've had a night on the beers although not as many as either of us wanted. It all started well enough - a few pints of Guinness, and then, well, more pints of Guinness. In the heart of the city, it is simply Belfast - there are no signs of any divide at all. The locals are friendly and it would be hard to distinguish it from any "mainland" provincial city. Noisily drunk, generally good natured.

There is one big difference though. The local "force" - the PSNI - are still in armoured landrovers. In town though, at least, I think people are blind to it. It's just the police - albeit in the most intimidating 4x4 possible.

A few van-burgers later, and some sleep, we're up the next day.

And we decide to walk the famous roads. Crumlin, Shankhill and finally the Falls.

First stop, the loyalist area...

Courthouse on the Crumlin Road. From here there is a tunnel over the Crumlin Gaol, opposite.


Crumlin Road Gaol, rear entrance.


We now find the murals. Even though you see these things in newspapers and magazines, it's something else seeing them for real - out there on the streets.





On our walk, OT is stopped by a curious local guy. He suggest some other murals to see. Finally, walking away, he shouts over to us both...

"Tell the world! We're not the worst!"

More of Crumlin Road Gaol:



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