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Report - Big Brother House - Elstree - February 2017

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The history

Unless you have lived under a stone for the last 20 years you will have heard of the Big Brother TV show.

Big Brother is the British version of the international reality television franchise Big Brother created by producer John de Mol in 1997. The show follows a number of contestants, known as housemates, who are isolated from the outside world for an extended period of time in a custom built house. Each week, one of the housemates is evicted by a public vote, with the last housemate remaining winning a cash prize.

The series takes its name from the character in George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. A pretty accurate interpretation of what happening in the world today.

The series premiered on 18 July 2000 on Channel 4, and immediately became a ratings hit. The series also features a 24-hour live feed, in which fans could view inside the house at any time. Big Brother aired for eleven series on Channel 4, followed by one final special edition, Ultimate Big Brother, which ended on 10 September 2010.

Following this, Channel 5 acquired the rights to the series, and it was officially relaunched on 18 August 2011. The show aired its fifteenth series in 2014, and following the finale on 15 August 2014, Emma Willis announced that the show would be back for a sixteenth series in 2015. It was announced on 19 March 2015 that the show would remain on air until at least 2018.

The show was initially hosted by Davina McCall from its inception to its cancellation by Channel 4. Despite being offered the position of host following the show's move to Channel 5, McCall chose not to return. Former winner Brian Dowling became the host, a position he held throughout the twelfth and thirteenth series. Emma Willis later replaced Dowling as the host of the series for the fourteenth series, and then returned to host the fifteenth series also. Marcus Bentley has been the narrator of the series since it premiered in 2000.

Big Brother has had numerous spin-off series occur since its premiere, most notably Celebrity Big Brother, which is a shorter version of the main series whereas the cast is composed solely of celebrities.

The Explore

Having been a Big Brother fan from the start and intrigued by the way human behaviour changes when people are away from their day to day lives, I’ve always fancied going in the Big Brother house.

Although not quite in this way, more so as a house mate….

Having seen all the celeb tittle tattle from the fall out of the last series finishing it came into my head that the house was now “empty” in a derelict or abandoned kinda way and I wondered if it was at all possible to get in.

After mentioning to a few others and basically being told I was mad I knew the challenge was on.

I Started with good ole Google earth and worked a potential way in. Then I had a bit more google action and found that @Rookinella had done the original house back in 2007.

Ill warn you though, Clicking Rookinella’s link will be fatal as you will end up having a look at all the awesome old skool stuff she did way back when lol

Back to the present, I continued my google stalking of the studios and eventually finding myself sitting outside there having lunch on a day I happened to be in the area for work.

Once again this spawned a bit of Whatsapp chatter with my regular group who all deemed it “suicide”

Well @UrbanDuck is always up for a challenge but even he thought I was mad, after some coaxing we found ourselves heading into London with the assumption that we would be spending the night in the cells at her majesties pleasure. This wasn’t helped by the fact that UrbanDuck had found a story online about the studios being more secure that Buckingham Palace. So with a little apprehension we approached Elstree Studios and looked for a way in. The previous way I had assumed we could get in was null and void as her was now an occupied security hut there, Bollocks!

Having a wander around the site we eventually spotted a couple of potential ways in. However only one looked like it would avoid the multitude of hi-tech cameras covering the site. I won’t go into full access details but we ended up a little bruised, a little wet and very very excited at getting into the site.

Although just getting into Elstree was just the start of the game.

We had to navigate our way to the Big Brother house and then find a way inside the house.

We eventually made our way to the Big Brother compound, which interestingly enough is surrounded by palisade fence and kept separate to the rest of the site.

After a bit of climbing, some more getting wet and some lateral thinking we found ourselves staring at the staircase where the housemates enter the house for the first time.

Now as with TV all is not as it seems, on TV this area looks huge but it’s not all that big and must be a clever mix of filling it with people, bright lights and black out cloth to make it look much bigger.

Of course we were on tenterhooks all the time we were in there and constantly looking out for cameras and security guards as we so expected to get busted at and minute.

Making our way cautiously up the staircase we headed for the entrance doors, only to find that they were locked. Damn. More lateral thinking came into play and more climbing and wetness ensured lol

Eventually we found and open door and headed inside.

Oh what disappointment, it was all striped and just plain black walls, Both UrbanDuck and I were a little surprised until we started wandering around and realised we had made out way into the vast amount of tunnels that run around the inside of the house so that the housemates can be filmed and seen at all times, that is apart from in the loo where Bianca Gascoigne allegedly got it on with Jamie O'Hara in the last series.

Eventually we found our way into the main part of the house and the phots and piss taking started. I was constantly expecting to hear the Big Brother voice telling us we had been caught but we managed a fair few hours in there before leaving and heading out undetected.

The pics aren’t the best as it was pitch black in there and none of the lights appeared to be working.

DSC_0286_zpsq0tboggv.jpg [/URL





























Hot Tub Action!!!



Mr Reality Hacker
28DL Full Member
That's Fucking awesome that. Loveing it. Just goes to show you can do anything if you put mind to it. Good stuff. And that Johnny wtf.


Teim scoobs
28DL Full Member
Good effort, nice pics.
I understand this now allows you to set up a funding page to have a some holidays and get a new van to tour the UK lol.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
With Big Brother finishing at the end of this series it may get demolished. Other reports said planning permission expiring soon to as its on temporary consent.


Teim scoobs
28DL Full Member
I would think dismantling will start very soon after this series ends, I'm sure another channel will pick the show up but I doubt the building will be part of the sale.
It could be repurposed in situ with new planning.