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Report - Bishop's Court Hotel, Devon, November 2019


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Bishop's Court in Torquay was once one of the premier places to stay. Panoramic views over Torbay, exclusive rooms and listed parts of the building added up to a prime location in the whole of Devon.

In 2010, falling business lead to parts of the hotel being converted into apartments, leading to the change of description as now a 'gated spa resort'. In 2015, a war between neighbouring apartments lead to one neighbour putting a suitcase on his hob and setting alight to it, lighting up his and most of the surrounding apartments with it.

This lead to the closing of Bishops Court. The fire dept report slated the management as they failed to put in place the correct fire controls.

Present day Bishops Court is a curious place. There was open door access to the part where the fire happened, whereas the 'listed' part is under heavy fencing, cctv and motion detection. Even with this, the accessable part is well worth exploring, with an amazing basement bowling alley, pool and arcade. This part sadly will be demolished when planning permission is granted.

We explored for a few hours, until the owners came with police. One of the policemen knew about urbex for once, so knew we weren't there for trouble as soon as he saw our cameras. He even said he'd be interested in seeing the pictures.

Pictures below, heavy colours as ever with me o_O














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28DL Full Member
Oh get in mate, nice work, we went here last year but when we got up to the front we heard people talking inside like they were just sitting there having a conversation so we didn't try getting in in case we disturbed someone who may not have welcomed us in. We were actually looking for Oliver Heaviside's derelict house (world famous eccentric scientist who basically discovered the atmospheric layer) but it turned out that was on the other side of the road and now demolished with flats being built there. Anyway some lovely shots especially the bowling balls and shoe and the game machines, I'm sure you carry these props around with you. And what a bizarre story about the arson

And have you sent them into the police so he can have a butchers yet?


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28DL Full Member
Haha! Yes, in my rucksack, bowling ball and shoes, you just never know what you'll find in a hotel! :p

We tried the place last year, came up the main drive (now totally gated up) and when we got to the main front door, there was a motion detector that we must have set off, but coming from inside the building, basically saying security were coming. Might it have been that you heard? But it is still an active site so it may have been real people also.

I bet the police guy reads these forums and just lurks-in which case hello officer, thanks for being understanding :)

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