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Report - blackburn brook 3 sheffield July 2020


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last stretch of the blackburn brook was for me the best part of it picking up from my last explore at the bottom of fife street the brook runs next to the old railway track ( now a cycle path ) around the back of the old gasometers and discharges in to the river don at meadowhall

the brook is in open air for the most part and flanked in by the m1 motorway and various engineering firms the river walk was the best and most scenic route the old railway bridge that now carries the trans pennine cycle path

gas pipes that cross the brook the gasometers have gone now

after a good walk i arrived at the start of the culverted section had been wanting to do this since E Eric very kindly sent me his pics , the above bridge carries a slip road to the m1

graffiti artists plying there trade , the start of the culverts where 2 box concrete sections

looking up the left hand culvert

the right hand section was a mess and full of rocks and boulders underfoot

back out in to the open air

looking downstream it was only a short section in the open air you can see the start of the next culvert had to get through this sharpish as people were working above


looking upstream ,there was now a little open air section flanked in with concrete walls before entering the next section, was at meadowhall now and can remember this next section being built ! it was around the same time meadowhall was built and id just started work around the corner (yes i am old lol ) and i wondered at the time if it was to do with the supertram that was proposed as it was quite a large excavation but the area above it has only ever been used for overflow car parking

thigh deep in places the largest culvert in the explore no stooping here was over 3m tall !


coming out of the culvert there was this last open air section then down a ramp to an old stone bridge

inside the old bridge there is a big sewer pipe running through no doubt of to blackburn meadows had to limbo underneath it the water being waist deep here had a quick nosy in the passage next to the bridge


man hole ladder nothing more exciting im afraid

the last section before it enters the don at meadowhall

some crap underfoot here diddnt hang about to long at the end as meadowhall is always busy ,one for you to do guys if you get dragged down to meadowhall by your other half more fun than shopping :D diddnt exit at the end but bailed out back upstream at the start of the biggest culvert thanks for watching :thumb

river don
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Nice one. Good to see. So it’s a ramp that makes all that noise! As a I said before I bailed in the thigh high bit before it went over my waders! Was excited when I saw that brick passage going to the left, same it’s just a ladder! I’ve seen an archive photo of inside that bridge and was hoping it was another junction, but never mind. Thanks for the report.


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I've been looking forward to those last couple of pics as I also abandoned ship in the concrete box tantalisingly close to the end. Any ideas on route/ access of the intersecting sewer?
im guessing its a foul sewer on route to blackburn meadows was hoping the little room at the side would have been more rewarding its an one old rivet construction cant say ive seen one like it before

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im guessing its a foul sewer on route to blackburn meadows was hoping the little room at the side would have been more rewarding its an one old rivet construction cant say ive seen one like it before
Yeah it's a shame given that submarine type hatch, haven't seen one like that either.

There's a bit of a spillway from the treatment works in to the don at the weirs that I've never gotten around to looking at, though I don't think its particularly epic.

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