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28DL and UE in the News - Blackpool Evening Gazette 15/02/07 | 28DL and Urban Exploring in the News... |

28DL and UE in the News Blackpool Evening Gazette 15/02/07

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Reported by nikkisix - thanks

BLACKPOOL'S defunct TVR factory could be the next target in a daring online obsession.
The mothballed car maker in Bristol Avenue has become the talking point of website 28 Days Later.

The website has become a cult hit with those who take part in so-called urban exploration – an activity dubbed "dangerous and irresponsible" by safety experts.

Urban exploration is the act of entering and exploring abandoned landmarks. The idea is the explorer captures on camera a derelict, unwanted state – whether those taking part are doing so legally or not.

Pictures are then posted online – some featuring the explorers scaling cranes, tower blocks and famous local landmarks.

The website explains: "It's the exploring of abandoned buildings of which the public has forgotten or wish to forget.

"What Urban Exploration (UE) and Infiltration are all about is learning to appreciate your surroundings and the buildings and structures around you and seeing beauty in places where many people will not."

The burnt-out former Flamingo and the Flying Handbag on Talbot Road and the lift structure opposite the Cliffs Hotel on Queens Promenade have all been successfully "explored" and posted online.

TVR's building – which closed in December when the sports car company went into administration – is now a hot topic with many explorers posting questions about access and occupancy.

Although not making cars, it is currently at the centre of buy-out talks and hopes are high cars will one day be made there again.

The website added: "There are no set rules in UE just personal ethics. If you do not wish to remove a board, snip a padlock, pick a lock, etc, then don't, but don't go telling people they should not as it is all personal choice and if they get caught then they are accountable and not the community.

"I believe that you should make your own mind up and not take someone else's ethics as the rules."

TVR and Lancashire Police did not wish to comment on the matter.

But a spokesman for the Royal Society For The Prevention of Accidents said the explorers were risking death by taking part in "dangerous and irresponsible behaviour".
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