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Report - BOCM Pauls, Selby 15/05/10


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Speed and Dweeb.

This was probably the most successful day of the trip that replaced our Irish plans (damn ash cloud). Selby was brilliant, especially the part over the other side of the river that had very old bit for the production of animal feed. It was a super smelly place, almost unbearable but it was worth it when we got inside and saw the rows of chutes and vats etc.

We even got to do a bit of sunbathing as the weather was so gorgeous:)

From their website, here's a little history about BOCM:

BOCM PAULS came into being in 1992, being formed by the amalgamation of two businesses operating in the animal feed industry, but which had very different beginnings.

Pauls Agriculture was founded in Ipswich in the early nineteenth century initially to trade in malt and barley for brewers. This expanded into trading of maize and other ingredients for horses and subsequently from the early 1900s onwards, for other animals.

The late 1970s and early 1980s probably mark the heyday of the feed industry, with demand rising from an increasingly affluent population able to afford more meat, milk and eggs. The relative decline in the price of food also fuelled this demand. However, oversupply was becoming evident, especially in the dairy industry and the imposition of milk production quotas in 1985 hit the industry very hard removing as it did demand for around 1 million tonnes of dairy food virtually overnight. This resulted in a severe over-capacity in the industry which could only be tackled through rationalisation of ownerships and mill closures. The 5 years between 1987 and 1991 saw the end of many farming names in the industry, (e.g. Ranks and Spillers bought by Dalgety; Nitrovit bought by Bibbys) and the acquisition of many smaller country compounders primarily by BOCM and Pauls, including Marsdens (Lancashire), Burgess Feeds (Yorkshire), Sheldon Jones (Somerset), Cobbledicks (Devon) and Tucks (Norfolk). The amalgamation of BOCM Silcock and Pauls Agriculture in 1992 and the establishment of BOCM PAULS provided an opportunity to further reduce the numbers of uneconomic mills to the extent that today?s mill configuration reflects current demand patterns.























I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member