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Report - Boland's Flour Mill, Dublin 27/05/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Speed.

Wet Wipe Rating=5/10 (due to anti-climb paint)
Pigeons=4/10 (quite annoying)
Views=8/10 (pretty spectacular)

We spent the night before trying to rinse McDonald's WIFI with little success and slept in the car park of a Peugeot garage next to one of the main roads leading into Dublin. From an early start at Belvoir hospital via a bakery and a convent, we finally rolled into Dublin around 9pm. Morale was running a little low due to tiredness and extreme mileage so I attempted to boost spirits by singing for the full 4 hours drive. I'm unsure whether this helped or not but by the next morning, we were once again experiencing epic industry in the city centre.

Access was straight forward, blatant and we got covered in anti-climb paint which doesn't actually work so I've demoted it to "mildy irritating paint". We were in here quite a while but it was still very early because we got up at 6am so after a quick search for an asylum that wasn't there, we progressed onto Cork.

A little history found on a redevelopment site:

Bolands Mills has been a landmark in the city of Dublin symbolising the two great traditions of agriculture and commerce in its successful operation as a thriving flour mill and bakery for over a century. Its key strategic location thrust it into an important historic role when it was occupied by republicans led by Eamon De Valera during the Rising of 1916 which ultimately led to the emergence of the modern Irish State. Eamon De Valera was later to become Taoiseach and then President of the new Irish Republic.

Here's the photos!






















I should have danced all night
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