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Report - Bolton Church Holy Trinity 2009


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Following in Sneak and Copycats footsteps I rounded up my fellow angels and choir boys and had a sunday trip to Holy Trinity Church.

The church was built in 1818 using money from the Governments £1million waterloo fund to build new churches in celebration of the victory of the battle of Napoleon.

The clocks were restored in 1988 but are now looking worse for wear.

It has been left empty since 1992 but I haven't had any success in finding out why. A plan to develope the church into a centre for various voluntry organisations fell through in 2001 so still it stands empty.

In 2006 the grade II listed church took the life of a surveyor who was looking round the place and fell through the balcony floor.

Any visitors need to tread carefully in this place as someone will get killed in hear again, the wooden floors are shot, the vaulted ceiling isn't being preserved and the tower has some seriously dodgy ladders and thats before you've tackled the pigeon crap!

Anyways we had a good explore and spent a good few hours in here. We have no picks from the top as being daylight and the plod on the prowel we didn't think it a good idea to be peering over!

Leaving thoroughly satisfied and covered in pigeon crap. For the first time in my life I was looking forward to my next sunday in church.

For gods sake be careful on the tower ladders :eek:

Here are the picks:


Was this the last hyme sung here?





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28DL Full Member
Here are some more pictures from our visit:

One of the better sets of ladders in the tower. The small holes you can see in the floor are found in all the floors in the tower right up to where the bells would have been and are for the bell ringers ropes

The view looking towards where the alter would have been. Some of the stained glass remains in the window frame

An old hyme book

Found behind the clock face

Down in the bowels of the church we found this very old looking boiler

Original decoration?

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