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Some friends of mine live close to Bordon Army Barracks and suggested we go and check out all the derelict tanks. So off i went with Thrifty and friends . The site is common land and access is open to the public. As you enter the site you stumble into tank after tank, all just sitting there, abandoned. In fact the tanks were used for extraction training by the Army up until recently when in June of this year the Barracks closed. I have no idea if the tanks will remain or will be moved. Go check it out if you aren't to far away. Its a brilliant site. Sadly i have no clue as to the name of each tank, i'm sure someone on here will know all about them:)

Bordon and Longmoor Military Camps are British Army training camps and training area on the A3 road between Liss and Liphook in Hampshire, England. The main street of the camp is built on an ancient Roman road.

The current combined camp and training area covers 1,783 hectares (4,410 acres)

Bordon is home to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, providing trade training; both basic and supplementary, to its soldiers. Additional facilities still provide temporary accommodation to the heathland training facility. The camps today include Nissen huts, a school house, messing facilities, cinema and theatre.

The Longmoor Army Ranges, a large forest with tracks and firing ranges, is south of the town. The majority of the training area is designated a Site of Special Scientific interest and forms part of the European designated Wealden Heaths and . In addition to military use, the area is used by the Goschen foxhounds, Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray foxhounds, and the Hampshire hunt

Some pics












Thanks for looking :)


Nice report, did you get into Longmoor Camp at all?

I used to live at Longmoor Camp then Bordon Village.

They used to have nice museum at Bordon

and Longmoor Training Area in use for recovery training by SEME Bordon

I think the more complete bodies have been removed, and these are for disposal or removal to Salisbury Plain at some time, possibly as recovery exercises. <sometime>


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That's awesome mate, may well have to make a visit to see these before they're gone, cool find :thumb

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Looks like an interesting wander!

If you like that sort of thing and you're ever in Northumberland you should take a look up at the Otterburn Ranges - there's loads of them. Just make sure they aren't firing on the day :thumb

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This place looks awesome. Been trying to find the entrance into public site with the derelict tanks. Is it in the woods nearby?


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Think you may be right. About 2 weeks after this post was created, I was held up in traffic on the M27. The cause was slow moving low loaders with beaten up old tanks on them. Probably heading to Marchwood or bovington.

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Hi Scub2000! Sorry i didn't reply to your email on Saturday, i was at Reading Festival. Yes i was going to post on here today saying that the tanks have been removed recently:(. Its a real same because it was amazing to see