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Report - - bovi fort. now with extra bits. 13/03/2008 | Military Sites |

Report - bovi fort. now with extra bits. 13/03/2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Return trip to bovi fort 13/03/2008

Visited with Scurb2000 and Kernow.

This is a long one. Get a fresh brew ready.

We all met up at the normal place. Scrub got the drinks in. :thumb
After some food we finally decided what we were going to do.

We’re heading back to fort Bovisand.

We have all explored this site before but there were still bits we have all missed. (Scurb2000, jamesPP, Scotty and sarah’s 1st visit. Kernow’s visit)

We all assumed this place was going to be empty, judging by the time we went and what it was like in the day.
We were wrong. It looks like someone took up residence in one or two of the old hotel rooms. There was a landy parked out side, lights on and a TV on. Scare one!
Most of the power and water is still working on many parts of this site.
We sneaked past the hotel rooms and on to the rest of the fort.
We sneaked up the ramp on to the rest of the fort.

As we made are way around the fort we suddenly noticed a lot of light coming from one of the JSSADC sections. Scare two!
We quickly walked past the lights and carried on up to the top of the fort.

Not a lot has really changed at the top I don’t think.
A bit more destruction but I think that’s it.
After sometime at the top we started to walk back down.

On the way back down we noticed a building that none of us has done before.
We sent scrub in to check it out. He walked down the stairs to the door; he got about 4 steps down and the out side light came on. Scare 3!
We decided not to pushing our luck so we left this and walked on.

As we carried on walking around, looking for the missing bits. We came across a big metal gate, looking fairly new.
None of us has seen this before or know where it goes.
After a couple of minuets chatting and Kernow getting a bit stuck. They decided to send me down to see if there was any thing worth looking at.
Me on the side of the unknown, with a walki talki.
Kernow and scrub on the other side, with the other walki talki.

This tunnel splits off in to two different tunnels, one to the left and one to the right. Both heading straight down with a slight curve to the right (same as the fort it self.).
I took the left tunnel (tunnel 1). It was only bout 3-4 foot wide, bout 10foot high, painted white on both sides.
Fresh cabling, sewage pipe and HP air pipe running down the left side of the tunnel. On the right side about every 6-8foot is what looked like windows. Just big enough to crawl through.
I carried on walking down this tunnel till the walkie’s ran out of signal.
I thought its time for the others to join me.

After some fun getting the others in, we all walked down the left hand tunnel.
there was not much to say about this tunnel, apart from the low level humm, until we all had the biggest scare of the night.
The lights picked up the reflective strips and the shape of a man standing at the end of the tunnel. When we got closer, we found out it was a dry suit hanging up by its head.
This was also the end of tunnel 1.
There is a entrance to the right leading to tunnel 2.
Off we went down tunnel 2.
Tunnel 2 was much the same as the tunnel 1 but it has little corridors going off to loads of different sized rooms.

I’ll let the pics do the rest of telling.
I bet I missed some bits out but others can fill the missing bits in.

Engine room. not what you think. lol


The Gym


The chartroom




Class room 1


Class room 2. Welding. i think




Class room 3. Oil plat forms





Kernow Expeditionary Force

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well a few pics of mine...pretty stunned still by this site.....3rd visit and still i want to return, surprised it doesnt get more attention as its an amazing site....


arty chair shot


grenade pin???




TV's shit around here


That damn self portrait everyone does!


Shell lift to casemates...


Original Hoover....


Ferguson Videostar "toploader" - had two to these as at home as a kid...


Bovi Breakwater Plan...


Shell Store deep underground....


Plan room...


Kernow Expeditionary Force awaiting class....


Plan for the fort???


welding practice...


Das Boot...


Ferguson remote...


Original casemate gun pivots....


receiption area...



group shot in bar (formally twin quick firing gun position....)

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