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Report - Brass Founders Sheffield Ltd, Princess Works - May 2011


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Had a search around and don't think this place has been reported on yet, which is pretty unbelievable!

I had a pre-dawn raid on Scotland Street and the area behind West Bar Police station planned, having done a reccee the day before on my dinner break and spotted some decent looking explores.

Stupidly early start for me since I have to be in work for 7am...

I expected to be in there half an hour then head off to my next target but this ended up being the only site I visited that morning as it turned out to be far better than I anticipated. Actually ended up running out of time and had to rush in the end!

Not masses of info available on this place:

Established in 1917, Brass Founders Sheffield has been operating as a non-ferrous foundry and specialist engineers, using copper base alloys, aluminium and white metal alloys for the supply and machining of castings to various industries with a maximum melting capacity of 1.8 tonnes.
In 2007 Brass Founders Sheffield incorporated J T Barkers & Sons (originally a Leeds based non-ferrous foundry).
With this merger it seems they moved to a new site on Carlisle Street. The merger may also have brought about some redundancies if employee scrawls on the shop floor are anything to go by.

The majority of the site is surprisingly unchavved, just a couple of dickheads fucking about with fire extinguishers etc.; and whilst the pikeys don't seem to have raped the place either, it looks like they've definitely been eyeing it up...
Also a possible hobo nest in the admin building!?

Apologies if some of my shots look a bit crap, I was twatting about with my settings a bit... and like I said, I did end up rushing too!




Tasteful bathroom of what looks like a self contained flat.


There's something about safe's I find appealing - always chuffed when I find one. Maybe it's the thought of all the cash that was once stashed in them!




Love this old boiler/furnace. Looks like it was wood or coal fired.











Loads more on my photobucket.

Well worth a look at this place if you're in the area, but I don't know what access will be like now: turned up not 6 hours later to show a non-member round the place only to find the access I'd used sealed tight!