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Report - Bridge Hospital, Witham, Essex - 18/02/06


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finally got round to downloading the pics for this place. very nearly all gone now though....


Bridge Hospital, Witham, Essex was built to begin with as a workhouse between 1837-9. It was used as a workhouse until 1883 when it became the local orphanage.

In 1901, the site was sold to the Metropolitan Asylums board and was used for children suffering from the infectious condition of ringworm. By 1908, the building became used as an "Industrial Home for Feeble-Minded Boys" also known as the Bridge Training Home.

In 1948, the establishment became part of the National Health Service and became known as Bridge Hospital.

The hospital closed in 2003, and the buildings began to be demolished for housing. Only a small part of the hospital remains and is due to be pulled down in the next few months.




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Re: Bridge Hospital, Witham, Essex- REPORT - 18/02/06

they are all on my site mate. i'll pop a few favorites below.

phone you tomorrow re Hack Green. i've been drinking all day.... :rolleyes:


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Hey, any chance of seeing your report pictures?