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Report - - Bridgewater canal company warehouse, Altrincham, Cheshire - (31/01/07) | Industrial Sites |

Report - Bridgewater canal company warehouse, Altrincham, Cheshire - (31/01/07)

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Located on the bridgewater canal at broadheath (altrincham) this former bridgewater canal company warehouse is grade 2 listed and was built in 1833 according to the keystone and is built of Brick with stone dressings and an asbestos and slate roof.

Its becoming somewhat overshadowed by its new neighbour the urban splash developement which is part of the old budenburg guage company(more about that later)as you can see in this picture:

Anyway, i wandered onto the grounds past the 24 hour security sign in full view of the construction workers crawling all over the urban splash buildings and despite not having a hardhat or high vis jacket was pretty much ignored by them, even when i wandered onto the grounds of urban splash to get better pictures of the back of the building.

As you can see form this picture its up for sale and is in a decent location for a canalside pub or restaurant:

Note the number "23" on the wall, im sure it has some significance although quite what im not sure but hopefully one of you lot may enlighten me.

Anyway in i went (oh and i feel i ought to mention at this point im certainly not the first 28days member to have visited here, following discussion with userscott he had done it a year or so back but never reported it)and started snapping away, all flash pics im afraid as i had no torch for light painting and im a real amateur when it comes to photography so what you see is pretty much as good as it gets.

Everyone does fire alarm shots so i felt duty bound


The door to nowhere


Computer equipment or phone system maybe?


Offices i assume.


Here as you can see the roof has fallen in and you can see the new development through the hole, there some juxtaposition for ya.


A window covered with red perspex casting an eerie glow.

Anyway, having had a wander round there i popped next door to get a shot or two of the old budenberg gauge factory which is part of the urban splash development.

Wow is all i can say to that being a fan of modernist architechture.


Theres the older part, the gauge factory which would have been do-able but we're about a year too late:mad:

Close up of the clock, some lucky cunt will have this as their living room, the bastards.

Theyve made a mock up gauge as a feature in the entrance area, i sooooo want one.

Oh and finally, a bit of a teaser, just up the road from these is the mighty linotype:

Still live unforunately but a fantastic building nevertheless and one for an attempt at a guided tour maybe or one for the future, its fucking enormous, the main buildings about 200 m long at least and is stunning as you can see.

Flash earths of all 3 sites are avaliable on request.