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28DL and UE in the News - Bridport News, 19/01/07 | 28DL and Urban Exploring in the News... |

28DL and UE in the News Bridport News, 19/01/07

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Lesbub to blame for this one :thumb

Web campaign for restoration of hotel

LYME'S long-derelict Three Cups Hotel is being featured on a website that campaigns for the restoration of the nation's "neglected" properties.

A member of the Urban Exploration and Infiltration group recently managed to get inside the Broad Street building and has published photographs of it on the website -

The photographer's name is not revealed but he insists that he did not break in or damage anything. And he says there is evidence of someone sleeping rough in one of the upstairs rooms.

"We believe that people have the right to know what is going on with the buildings within their area," he said.

"We are keen to show people the truth. This particular building has historical as well as architectural interest and saving it would benefit everyone in the area and it is a great shame that the current owners seem not to care."

The Three Cups, which is owned by Bridport based Palmers Brewery, has been closed for around 15 years.

It was used a backdrop for the blockbuster movie The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Writing on the campaigning website another unnamed correspondent, apparently a local man, says: "This lovely old building has been left to rot slowly yet Lyme Regis is seriously short of decent accommodation for tourists which if we're honest, we desperately need!

"This building could certainly have the facade kept even if the building suffers from subsidence, I and quite a lot of local people feel that this needs to be highlighted."

Palmers company surveyor Wayne Causley said he was not in a position to make any comment about the Three Cups - any questions would have to be put in writing to the brewery boss, John Palmer.

Do you think it is time that something was done to restore the Three Cups Hotel or for the site to be reused? Write to us with your views at Lyme Regis News, 67 East Street, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3LB, or email [email protected]

1:22pm Friday 19th January 2007

By Chris Carson

Article here... Web campaign for restoration of hotel

Archive pdf here...
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