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Report - - brinksway air raid shelter (26-1-07) | Underground Sites |

Report - brinksway air raid shelter (26-1-07)

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i know these may have been done to death, but its taken me and cossienick 4 atempts to find the entrance (thanks to those who pm'ed us with info).

after following some detailed directions we found a hole in the floor, about 10 inches deep in muddy water. there were a couple of metal bars and a couple of paint like tins nearby, so i presume someone had been trying to get in recently. we used the tins to empty the water. this revealed a 4 inch layer of concrete. 'no chance' i said, 'we will never lift that!'. i think this statement must av shocked cossienick as he slipped and his fat ass landed on the concrete. the concrete broke into many tiny pieces as if it had been "struck by a couple of metal bars for over 2 hours" :eek:

in we go.

to say the entrance was tight was an understatement!!! if there was somethin in your pocket.... you wernt squeezin through!!!



roots coming through the roof...



limestone (i think) coming through the walls and ceiling...


and onto the old toilets...


and squeeze back out again!! to replace the bits that were moved!!! :thumb


very similar to dodge hill, but these seemed to be far more maze like. not sure if we covered every corner, but well worth a visit.