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Report - - Bristol Parcelforce & The Maiden Voyage of HMS Cunties 05/03/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Bristol Parcelforce & The Maiden Voyage of HMS Cunties 05/03/08

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Rigsby.

First I was afraid. I was petrified........when Rigsby suddenly announced that we weren't in fact going to explore the Albion Shipyard, we were going to sail down a filthy river in the centre of Bristol at 7am on a Saturday morning. Talk of this explore had been going on for months and I was keen to get out onto the water and name the boat, there'd be no stopping us.....until I ACTUALLY HAD to get in it:eek:

Now I kind of like to think that I'm not scared of a lot of things. Heights=love them, spiders=no problem, dirty water river in my face=runnnnn! The hypochondriac in me goes into overdrive and before I've even looked at the water, I've suddenly contracted Vile's disease, Lyme's disease and Typhus. Amongst my other phobias including woodlice, vomit, mayonnaise and eggs is unsanitary conditions which makes me wonder how I can do this hobby at all really:p However, when the giant inflatable yellow thing and Rigsby all buoyed up are staring at you then sometimes you have to just go for it.

We rushed to make a final decision on a name and settled on HMS Cunties. It reminded me of the Cutty Sark and it had the word 'cunt' in it which is always good. Captain Rigsby of Glastonburyshire pumped up the good ship whilst I, First Mate and second oarswoman, Rookinella, looked on with a worried stare.





Worried explorer remains worried

"I'll take the pump just in case it deflates"

"Errr great, that's very reassuring!"

But my doubts were soon proven unfounded as she left the bank and sailed out into the river. We were sharing the waters with canoes and people practicing rowing for Bristol University-I think they may have laughed at us.


"Don't splash me!......Be careful where you're putting those oars!....Oh my god, there's water in the boat!":eek:

We parked up and jumped/climbed out and thankfully it had all gone to plan and we could explore Parcelforce at our leisure. There are emptying it of asbestos and other random crap at the moment so there are trucks driving in and out as well as dome cameras.

Onto some photos...















Link to the railway where the mail would have come in



There wasn't a lot to see but the view of the Bristol was great from the roof and it was worth it for the adventure. I had no idea it was such a big place and always dismissed it because of tales of gun-wielding security guards and general shitness. Once we'd looked round the whole site, it was time to jump back on board and row back to the car, surprising a confused fisherman on the way:p

What an adventure! May there be many more:thumb