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Report - - British Extracting Company - Hull 25.07.07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - British Extracting Company - Hull 25.07.07

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28DL Full Member
This was the final stop on Swis and my maneuvers last night.
Dweeb had been and done this place recently and we wanted to get to main tower which stands out on the Hull skyline.
There were two total school boy errors from the outset:
1.Swis had left his camera back at his house when we’d called in to check google earth earlier.
2.I’ve just bought a new camera and completely forgot to swap the quick release shoe over for my tripod.

So I was dragging a tripod round with me all night and couldn’t use it :rolleyes:
This meant that the light was against us because I didn’t want to use flash unless really necessary.
Entrance to both the compound and the front building were both a bit of a clowns pocket to be fair.
Just as we both got inside the building an alarm rang out from somewhere, causing us both to freeze on the spot and look frantically around to see a device.
After 30 seconds of panic the alarm stopped and we decided that it must have been pure coincidence, because there was nothing that could have possibly been triggered.
The alarm must have been from a nearby building (sound can travel strangely sometimes) :D


The first thing noticed was the striking deterioration of the wooden flooring that had rippled really badly.
I’ve seen this before, but never to this extent.
We understand that this building in the complex was the Seed crushing facility.
Nearly all the roofing has gone in the building, which helped my lack of tripod action somewhat.


We explored the floors that we could access and then decided to call it a night and try and to get to the main tower another time, when we were more prepared ;)


On a final note we were sh1t up one more time for good measure on the short journey back to my house.
We passed a police car going in the other direction and I joking said “they’re coming for usâ€Â; I spoke too soon.
The police car u turned, came up behind us, put the light and the siren on and then proceeded to pull out and fly passed us and turn off.
That really wasn’t necessary :eek: