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Report - British Extracting site Finally the conclusion

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Squirrell 911

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Madmax and I thought that after two attempts at the British Extracting site we should go balls or bust on the tower as we knew it would be difficult. Zerocool came along as he did Spillers with me not that long ago and I know he likes these.

Access was difficult but between us we got into the base of the tower to be confronted with the mother of all ladders to the top :eek: Serioulsy guys this is not one for kids as when you get to the top the last 8 foot turns from a steel ladder to a wooden one that wouldnt be out of place in a potting shed crudely lashed to the top and to the upper floor :crazy

Here are a few pictures that I got out of the place. Madmax and Zerocool will be adding theres soon.

The water tower.


Spillers that Zerocool and I did before.


Larry, Curly and Mo


Some more of the Hull skyline.


What it looks like from ground leval.


Madmax and Zerocool will add theirs on soon.


28DL Full Member
Well what a night!
I'm still buzzing this morning.
It was good to finally meet zerocool too.

Like Squirrell said we decided that tonight was the night at any cost.
After finally getting to the area we thought we'd have the best chance at access, we entered the front part of the building to find that the only place that went to was the legendary stairs up the outside of the building.
These stairs have seen better days and with a single probably locked door all the way at the top, we decided to find another route in :rolleyes:

This turned out to relatively straight forward thanks to a quick thinking Squirrell.
Once in the base we soon realised that the only way up was the ladder of death.
Now, as some other people on the forum will confirm, I'm not the greatest when it comes to heights (apart from the odd moment of insanity).
So I went first. The ladder is part caged and part not, so it was a case of just look forward and keep going.
Eventually after scaling the 100+ rungs to the top, the knackered old wooden ladder that took you the final eight foot was almost a step too far.
Finally after months of eying British Extracting up from the ground, we were on the roof and the feeling was amazing.

We made the most of it and then the return journey had arrived.
Going back down wasn't as bad but was still pretty harrowing :D

There was still some decent stuff to photograph in the ground floor, but we were spent and decided to leave that for another time.
So we called it night and went for a celebratory pint.

Here are my pics

The stairs of death - we decided against this route :D

Looking east from the top of British Extracting Co.

The guys make the most of the view

The Water Tower is the cherry on the top

Machinery inside there the roof building

The top floor of the building, a health and saftey nightmare

Heavy machinery now lies still and rusting

Looking up the ladder of death!

Squirrell's decent; his head torch light starts at 3/4 back down

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