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Report - - Broadgate Tower Crane - 23/06/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Broadgate Tower Crane - 23/06/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went back up the tower with Nivelo last night.

Access as usual, easy from Worship Street, under the gate.

The site seemed unchanged and security not visible.

One change that has occured on the roof, is the middle crane, it's been removed from the lift shaft, and bolted to the deck.

Knowing this was new, I thought I'd try it, but as per last time the hatch was locked. I thought I'd check out all the cranes for a possible chance to undo the handle the drivers are using to lock the chain to.

On the crane that runs up the outside of the building the driver had simply wrapped, and knotted the chain around the handle, and then locked the chain to the ladder. After 5 mins fiddling the chain came free!!!

As usual, windy up there, but had plenty of time for shots.

Hopefully its obvious why this is in RU. I wrapped and tied the chain back up firm so the driver hopefully won't notice. Hence it will still be available to us.

I reckon it should be kept in RU, so others can get a go.

Nivelo said she won't be posting a report.

High on the steel work (harness)

Finally on a crane



New crane (locked)

Over the edge of the crane

Few Pans (tried to keep small)

Wet lower deck
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