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Report - - Broadgate Tower, London, 24/03/08 | High Stuff |

Report - Broadgate Tower, London, 24/03/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nothing much to say about the tower that hasn't already been said.

It was a freezing night with ice forming up the top, and a wind chill factor of well below 0c.

The visit was pretty easy going, apart from the usual slog up the stairs, which felt particulary long this time. Progress inside is moving quickly and the foyer is taking shape nicely, with some amazing intricate steel going together. We didn't grab any pics, as its a pretty 'hot' area with security just round the corner.

The real fun started when we left.

This random guy listening to his ipod tried stopping us after seeing us climb back over the gate.... He popped his little torch out thumbling to turn it on, and said he had called the police, and that we had to wait where we were (obviously Security, but no hi-vis).... I asked casually whether he was a Policeman himself, to which he answered he was.... I asked to see his badge, which predictably he didn't have on him.... I informed him that if he wasn't a Policeman, he couldn't ask us to stop.... He asked us what we were doing over the gate, I told him we were retreiving our ball.... He continued to follow us, whilst thumbling with his ipod, torch and on the phone rushing to call the Police.... Then stranglely he veered left down the road (weird) as if to hale a Police car. We simply broke into a laughing jog and headed right, whilst he carried on shooting about the Police. We went round the block and into the car. When we drove by the Police still hadn't turned up, even though the stations about 100metres down the road.

Basically we couldn't have timed it worse getting out. :rolleyes:

Plant tower

Stunning design

Tank on the edge

Taken loads but still nice to shoot

More amazing steelwork

Very high, and still 2 or 3 sections below the top

Is it leaning?
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