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Report - Bron Y Garth Hospital (Main Building), Penrhyndeudraeth - July 2018


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July 2018

I visited this place with @Choo Choo m8ty (sort of), I wasn't going to bother posting these up as I thought they were nothing special untilI started to look through other peoples threads from the last couple of years. Noticing that there isn't really any pictures from the main building I thought I'd share anyway. As mentioned on previous threads the building heavily belled up so I didn't get to spend much time inside before the sound became too much, this coupled with the disappointment of not finding the cells. I will try and get back up there at some point and try for the rest but I'm not in any rush.

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Choo Choo m8ty

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lol .. Nice pics matey . That damn alarm was loud . Ether way you got round . And with the small time we had was a fast run.


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Nice to see inside. The police dont hang about here when that alarm goes off as we found out a couple of times. Or they didnt lol good work dude


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So whats the usual Police response time when the bells are ringing? and any way into the Morgue? Cells? I wanna take a visit, see if I can get some Morgue and Cell Shots :/ ;)


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I’ve just been here while on holiday, and met the owner by accident. The gate was wide open so I took a wonder in to be met by the loveliest old chap ever. He’s owned the property since it closed in 2008, with plans to turn it into a care home. Sadly his plans fell through and now he’s had to sell it. The new owners will take it over in 2 weeks to convert it into respite care for the elderly, as a kind of holiday care home. A brilliant idea (coming from a carer). He spent about 3 hours showing me around the buildings and explaining every last detail. I also got a lot of details about security, alarms and cameras. Sadly I wasn’t allowed in any buildings to take photos, however I got to see plenty from the outside which was wonderful! The buildings are stunning and the history behind the place is phenomenal.


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I went a few days ago and took some photos with my brother, while on holiday too. We didn't have tripod so want to go back. Looks like not possible now haha


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This is now closed up and the new owner is living on site
The alarm system and most of the internal
CCTV is back up and running with a monitored line