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Report - Browns Folly Quarry, Monkton Farleigh Feb 2012


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Hello Kittens, it's been an absolute age since I posted any reports but I've been out and about a bit amongst all the arty preparations or my show. D@ywalker, a couple of his friends (I'm so sorry I can't remember names!) and I ventured out to Bathford to have a poke around Browns. I was still on crutches and I'm pretty sure it was the coldest day of the year because all the snow on the ground had frozen over with a crisp.

I hadn't been to Browns for ages but I managed to remember where things were so we could take some nice photos with tea lights (darkplaces if you're watching, yes we did pick them up). We also had a variety of glowsticks and colourful lights so it was like a proper little grotto down there.

I sadly had to rush off early for a family emergency but the others then went on to Kingsdown Mine.























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Picture 12 is a win. Love the tracks.


The shadow
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Allways amazes me how much light you get from candles when underground. Nice.


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Even though i seem to be down there most weekends its always good to see something different done with the lighting......loving the colors....great stuff.....

Would have loved to seen you getting in with the crutches.........:-)


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