Report - Buckmore Park Leisure Centre

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I'm aware this report has been done quite recently, however I hope you still find it interesting. It's my first real report so I'd appreciate if it got approved.

On a cold frosty night on Boxing Day eve myself, 'Avix' off here and another mate decided to go venture and do our first Urban Explore. And boy did it live up to expectation! The adrenaline was going but I was also on edge the whole time, I realised this after a slow closing door slammed shut after we'd been through it a while and we all jumped big time!

We were sure Security would come, but there was none, either because we didn't get seen, or Security no longer watch the building. Probably the first option.

I found this building very interesting personally, having been a customer when it opened in 2001. I used to do canoeing lessons there so was very strange being there seeing it how it is now, when the last time I saw it was 5 years ago now. The Pool has been drained and left a lovely green muck. It stinks too.

Anyhow, I researched this a few weeks ago, but here is some info on it if you're not aware:

Sport Centre's Sudden Closure

A major sports complex in Kent has closed without warning just two years after it opened.

Staff at Buckmore Park, near Chatham, say they were told on Monday night the centre would not be opening on Tuesday and they had lost their jobs.

Customers were arriving at the centre on Tuesday to find the doors locked.

They were met by a sign on the closed doors reading "This sports facility closed with effect from 2200 hours on Monday 31 March for administrative reasons. Further information will be issued in due course."

"If it's just a case of financial implications then hopefully they'll get someone in to sort them out and re-open again."

Roadwork confusion

The Scouts Association, which manages the centre, said roadworks on streets around the centre had put people off using the facilities and it had suffered financially to the extent where it could not stay open.

David Brake, of Strood Scouts, said: "The roadworks around here had been to the point that we've had at least 10 entrances over the last couple of years.

"It changes daily, to the point where the number of people coming into the site has been diminishing.

"Some people have actually had so much difficulty getting in that they've actually turned round and gone home again and phoned us to say they couldn't find us."

A spokeswoman for Sport England, which gave the lottery cash for Buckmore Park in 1996, said it would be discussing the future of the centre with the parties involved.
Another story here:

Here it is on Google maps:


Not a small place!

I find it all very strange, especially with how alot of the equipment has been left. Unfortunately it's not really been left in the best condition, or rather people have got in and caused as much carnage as possible. Most windows are smashed, doors kicked down (although most of them in our favour admittedly) and things thrown everywhere.

Anyway, on with the pictures. Some may dissaprove of there being so many photos, I understand 10 is a nice amount, but I for one love pictures and I think the more the merrier:

Abandoned Gym Equipment






Female changing rooms


Fire alarm must have been set off at somepoint


Not a surprise to see all this stuff gone!


Shooting Range





I can only assume this is done by people who've got into the place after, I can't imagine staff would have done that as they along with everyone else assumed it was going to re-open at somepoint


Clocking in machine


March 30th, 2003, the day before it was shut down.


Think the milk is still useable?


Cupboards just emptied out and people taken what they can I presume



The Gym, the echo was quite scary





Was quite strange walking into the room seeing all these!



Another paper, a year earlier than the last one, strange that this is here?


The lift doors left open, you could see through the top and up the shaft, all wires exposed.


Not wanting anyone to get in obviously, or is it not to let anyone out?....


Mens toilets in the swimming pool changing rooms



Hope you enjoy the read, feel free to comment :)




Well, ended up going back sooner than I thought!

I think we have gone further on this explore than documented on this site, I certainly haven't seen pictures of stuff I captured tonight :D

I went along with Avix and _Ry off here again (both newly registered like myself) aswell as a couple of tag alongs.

It was good, apart from a slight scare of meeting somebody off here lol. At least it wasn't an up close encounter, we were at the top of the stairs and they were at the bottom, then met up and directed them where they needed to go. Nice to meet you whoever you were! (After we'd established you weren't somebody we didn't want to meet at least!)
They drove from Northampton just to see it :eek:

I was glad we found the climbing wall at last, that was my mission for tonight so it was exciting. I didn't realise just how big it was, picture don't really show how high up it was!

Anyhow, more pictures. You may have established by now, I'm a right picture whore but hey, that's what you all want to see, right? :D

The group


Climbing walls





I think this sign may have been moved, this was just in a small cupboard with air ducts etc in


The staircase we met the other Urbex'ors at. All I could see at the bottom was an arm moving at first, it reminded me off the creatures in 'I Am Legend', but thankfully we interacted in the end, scary stuff :D


The plant room at the very top of the building


Lots of wiring/fuses and various equipment I'm not sure about


Pipework everywhere up here, as you'll see


More fuses, these were next to an important looking switch, I'm guessing that makes them important fuses!




Somebody has obviously been working up here at some point, possibly was being worked on when it shut?



Some kind of water tanks, not sure what for, maybe air condition system?


Nice fresh water.....not!


Nice new clean air filters....


Not so clean air filters!


Diagram of valves leading to various rooms, showing what valves operate what for each room, quite interesting really.


This indicates there are still a few rooms I have yet to see, such as the Archery area, and restaurant, although we suspect the restaurant won't be interesting. I just want to say I've seen everything!


And this is the kind of thing that's all over the place, pointless vandalism, shame really.


And that was that before my camera battery died! I hope you enjoyed the report :D




According to another site, it's ruined, got smashed right up.
Have you got a link to the other site? Be interesting to see what's been said.

But they are correct, it's proper ruined. I didn't think it'd be so easily accessible still but I think it's so trashed now nobody cares. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera as I was thinking we'd be walking away, so I've just taken a few phone pictures. It doesn't even begin to show how much has been ruined in there. Hopefully it doesn't get shut for a while and better pictures can be taken.

Although I'd imagine a few people have read about this report on here and are going to take a look. I keep hearing about "that report on Buckmore on 28DL" being the reason people want to go down.

I did take some of other stuff we found, but I'd rather save it for decent pictures, so here's some of the aftermath of raving:






What a waste :(


This isn't the first report you know, it goes back to Feb 2007, if not earlier.
Yeah I know but I mean where I 'bumped' it up and jogged peoples memories or whatever.

Well today was interesting. I went in there to get some after rave pictures, and were greeted by Police. Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take my old photos off there from the other day, so then it looked very bad. Tried saying we organised the rave etc, do us for burglary charges ...things could have got nasty.

Fortunately they were alright but I don't think they understood the point being Urban Exploring. E.g. just going in to take pictures and not to steal anything. I said it's not easy for me to explain why we do it if it's something you're not interested. Got searched etc but they were alright in the end think I just scared the first Officer by surprising him with my proper bright headtorch that's why they were a bit funny to start with.

Got a few snaps as thankfully they didn't seize my camera but I don't recommend going near this place anymore people:


Looks very different in the day, and far bigger!



You can start to see the aftermath of the rave



Inside the climbing area



This is when alarm bells started ringing, power turned on?



Every mirror smashed...


Gym equipment dragged out



Oh dear....


More lights


Old Haynes!


Then we got caught. I really hope somebody gets pics as it'd be a shame not too, but as I say Police are hot on it now so I wouldn't recommend it, I know some of you lot just don't care though! Site over :(

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