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Report - Buckmore Park Sports Centre - 2/2/07

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Explored by Robsey and myself.

Firstly - big thanks to Yorkie, who's Leads/Rumours thread Robsey had read and suggested to me this morning as a potential explore, since we were near there anyway - and boy what a cool and unusual explore it was too, cheers Yorkie, great find!

Read this link to see exactly what Buckmore Park Scouts HQ is and the story behind it;


I'd never heard of it before today and it's impossible to see from the road - but the site is huge and is of course derelict, but is pristine - in fact we thought for a minute whilst aproaching that it may well be in use, but upon closer inspection the whole place is indeed eerily empty. As described in the news story in the link - this place has been deserted but it is all in perfect condition (apart from the pool water that is...yuk! - check out the pics below) and all the equipment is still in place and indeed still switched on, despite it being shut over 3 years ago!

The place is almost like a holiday camp when you first walk in, but as you can see from the first pic - it's not exactly welcoming ;)

There's a large building to the right as you enter, which is the Leisure Centre - and there are numerous smaller buldings scattered around the site which are as far as we could see all used for different functions - one of them is marked up as the Medical Centre and presumably one of them is the Scouts HQ and some of them are accomodation. We didn't reaslly have the time to explore them all, as it's clear as soon as you enter that there is gonna be security of some sort as the buildings are all so new and there's a distinct feeling of being watched there, despite there being no CCTV! there's an out-of place caravan tucked in behind one of the buildings which our best guess says is the security shack. Of course we headed straight for the biggest building there - the Leisure Centre/Swimming Pool and it was certainly one of the most unusual explores i've done - i think Robsey was pretty impressed too.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but the feeling inside the place is as if it's only shut for the evening, but it's actually been closed for years - strange! There are a few messy bits here and there but the sporting facilities are all still in place and the whole building is in great nik.

There's also a climbing wall, which is not pictured, as just as we were making our way towards it a security guy came round the corner we were about to turn - luckily Robsey saw him before he saw us (so we presume) and we made a hasty exit, only to be stopped on our way away from the facility and promptly shown the way out....great stuff :thumb

Not exactly a warm welcome, lol

As you approach the Leisure Centre

Some of the other buildings


Round the back of the Leisure Centre

Once you're in, some great sights - very eerie, as if everyone's just vanished










Some more to follow......


Re: Buckmore Park Scouts HQ - REPORT 2/2/07

Some more pics.....

Someone obviously wasn't happy with the facilities!

The pool


Close up of the sludge - the pool is full and there's a think layer of grey scum floating on top, with green mould spreading out from the floating rope - fancy a swim?


Some other shots from the pool area and beyond;






all in all a great explore - even worth another visit i'd say - i'd love to get some shots of the climbing wall, and maybe check out some of the out-buildings....just gotta watch out for those pesky security guards ;)

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