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Report - Bull Pot - Kingsdale - November 2011


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Bull Pot

Attendace: Horus, Model A

Being unemployed is really hard work, means I get the chance to go caving :D This is one that Solomon done so I felt like using my spare time to go adventure it, Its the second cave iv had to endure SRT other than Alum Pot, really great cave, apparently rated at 3 I thought different as it was very tight in place's and was quite difficult to move around connecting and disconnecting.


Top of the Cave, reaching down to a 10m pitch, unfortunately there was other people down in the cave so we couldn't use the anchors that we wanted to, So we had to make a awkward deviation to decent.



Part 2


As you can see it was pretty tight to move around, took me sometime to find a place to set my camera up to get at least one picture from this area.


Part 3


Looking down to the 4th pitch, 8m down through a tight passage way, makes it more difficult when carrying camera bag + a bag full of rope, It did open up at the bottom where we met the other group coming out.


Part 4


This was the biggest abseil in the cave system, reaching at 16m and 2 deviations, getting down wasn't the problem as you gravity on your side, climbing back up was a different story, the bag containing 70 meters of rope and the camera back was now dripping wet, giving it an increasing weight to haul up.


Part 5


Before adventuring to the last pitch there was a passageway leading off, pretty tight in these area's to it was hard to set camera up again, managed to get some pictures though ;)




Part 6

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures of the bottom where the sump was, we had to go through a very tight passageway with what states a 10m drop below us, strangely we used a 50m rope on this and just managed to get at bottom, it was so tight I was unable to even move my head round so the camera bag had to stay at Part 5

Hope you enjoyed viewing and reading :thumb



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Nice, would really like to do a bit more up at Leck Fell/Casterton Fell area, but it's a bit outside my area. Nice pics!
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