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Report - Burbage Tunnel - Oct 2011


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Disused railway bridge, Burbage,which carried the old Macclesfield Road over the line. Viewed looking NE over Burbage and Buxton. The bridge is completely filled some 15 yards in. To the north west lies the 500 yd Burbage Tunnel which took the line into the Goyt Valley.
It's far too wet to go draining so I decided to head down an old train tunnel I was told about in the middle of the Derbyshire hills.

Water was pouring out of the roof so taking pics was difficult with the high level of moisture in the air but I carried on regardless.

The tunnel has had all the features pretty much stripped out or bricked off so it's basically just a long dark and very wet massive tunnel.



A little light play






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The RAF at Harpur Hill took over this tunnel after WW2 and used it to store surplus chemical weapons until they could be disposed of safely, they stopped using the tunnel in the early 1960's. This is why it is stripped bare (decontamination process and bricked up at the Whaley Bridge end and originally completely blocked with dumped spoil at the Harpur Hill end any remaining nasty's have probably washed away or broken down due to time by now but it is still worth taking care as 1960's decontamination was not brilliant.

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