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Report - Butser Hill Lime Works, Petersfield December 2016


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The lime works at Butser Hill was previously a site used by the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal unit during World War II, and became a lime works after the war in 1948 after being bought by Portland Cement. The lime works closed down a long time ago, however within the last few years the site has become operational once more, or at least half of it has looking at Google Maps.

This was a backup location on the way back from the south coast, although I can't actually remember what the initial objective of the day was. I know things didn't go to plan as we ended up doing only this and the mega ruined Fraser Range, which wasn't ideal, but thems the breaks. By the time we arrived here time was already chopping on, and so we had a race against the weak fading light of a cold Christmas Eve afternoon to see as much as we could before heading back.

Thanks for looking :)


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Looks different now. The old house is lived in and the site is now active again. Not sure how long it will be economically viable but I'm guessing all the old machinery is gone.

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