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Report - Butterley Engineering - Ripley, Derbyshire - June 2017


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Stumbled on this site by chance whilst looking for a quarry; and was glad I did as the grounds are pretty expansive and the main industrial building is quite awe inspiring on a bright sunny day, especially once you get inside. Having glanced over some of the reports here I felt I'd add my own, given recent fire damage. Had a good mooch about but I did not manage the top floor of the industrial building, which may also be damaged by fire although the ground floor ceiling was intact (see photos).

The Butterley Company was an English manufacturing firm founded by Benjamin Outram and Company in 1790. Portions of it existed until 2009. The company was a major iron works provider for more than two centuries and had a hand in the construction of many iconic buildings, including St Pancras Station, Vauxhall Bridge, Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower, the Falkirk Wheel and many more.

Historical pics and interesting facts:
The building was subject to an arson attack by some arsehole in April 2017:


Smoke stained wall:

Fire Damage:






The office building loft was a nice bonus feature
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Great atmospheric photographs! Interesting place with lots of great features, a real shame about the fire but doesn't seem to have done masses of damage, thankfully.


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Is this place still accessible ???
I'm a n this area next weds 11th looking to do a shoot.


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Nice set of images, I really like this site lots of ridiculous fun getting from one building to the other :thumb


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Just come back from here, hardly any artefacts left at all. I got in the spiral staircase workshop and the one to the right of it accessing through a slit in the wall.
Didn't get in the separate building next to the car park and didn't get in anywhere on the far side.
I climbed over the main gate to get in but found a much much easier access point to get out.
Not a very long visit (took much longer to get there lol) but another mooch ticked off the list.

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