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Report - Cambridge Tower Crane, Dec 2016


more tall than ginger tho.....
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Not done a crane in a while and needed a fix, so thought I'd swing by Cambridge on my way to see family in Bury. There's plenty of choice but the one that stood out was the Carter's one on Parkers Piece, a park near the city centre. The site had security though, as I found out as I climbed over the site turnstiles! So onto the next one on the Old Addenbrookes Site.
Access was dead easy - that's all I have to say about that.

The main focus of the project is the development of a large building on the rear of the site replacing the existing student hostels on Tennis Court Road. This facility will provide world-class teaching facilities for executive-level programmes, two raked teaching spaces for degree programmes and a combination of open plan and individual offices and meeting rooms and significantly enhanced dining facilities which will allow members of the Cambridge Judge community to enjoy the Cambridge tradition of shared dining in a way that has not been historically possible.



The view from the small perch at the top was great. Its quite a lot taller than both this one and the one at Parkers Piece. (excuse the poor focus here)





The cab was unlocked! I'd never been inside one before, so this was an exciting first. Amazingly everything was left on, including the heater!


The rotating mechanism that you climb though

I tried to squeeze past the little security hatch that's normally locked shut but the whole thing lifted away from the frame. Made life a lot easier and quieter! Twas replaced

Thanks for lookin...


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Nice pics always been wanting to do something in the Addenbrooks area might take a bimble down there at some point, it'll probably be more fun than joining the Cleethorpes tour bus

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