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Report - - Cane Hill Asylum, Coulsdon - October 2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cane Hill Asylum, Coulsdon - October 2008

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Power Junkie

Firstly, let me apologise if this report is shit, but basically, I'm a noob; this was my first Urbex jobbie; I was on my own...and probably out of my depth.

Okay, it was my frist trip to Couldson and as such, wasn't planned with perfect execution. I was slightly ill-prepared.
Did I say slightly? I didn't have a torch, nor did I have a map (other than a memory of Google Earth) and I didn't bring a packed lunch although I did find the remnants of a Chav Feast upstairs.

It didn't take too long to find the area I needed to be in, but as a noob, I kept thinking the worst and because of that, a simple 5 minute walk turned into something out of Lord of the Rings meets The Ninja Mission meets "I've been reading too much David Icke."

As I had no idea of the scale of things, I assumed that getting into the Nurse's block would lead to bigger and better things...foiled. It doesn't, so that's my reason for keeping this a simple report of The Nurse's Block.

Finding a way in wasn't hard, but as I was about to step inside, I suddenly realised how uncomfortable it was being alone.
Once in, I listened for ages for any giveaway signs or sounds of other people - I'm not sure what the Urbetiquette is, but I'm sure that creeping on up fellow Urbexer's who are one heartbeat away from soiled pants, is uncool and would probably result in a mouth full of tripod.
So, I simply followed what seemed a logical path and this, is the result of that path.

Some of the pictures are bollocks, and I apologise for that wholeheartedly, but it's a little tricky trying to be artistic when you're having a cardiac at every creak.


I had a freaky experience by this door, but ridicule prevents me from posting it.


Plimsols...dig that word.


Okay, the reason for the bad angle, is because the way into the dungeon looking room was blocked and I had to do a Myspace style arm-outstretched into nothingness shot.





The grammar Nazi in me was "this" close to correcting the butchered palsied scrawl on the wall.










I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a reccie of the main site and feeling gutted that it wasn't as easy to get into.
Just in case any of you were in there and saw some dude trying not to stick out like a sore thumb make the odd attempt at testing the fence, I did finally make it over that bit but realised there was sod all I could do after.

I did however, find what I think is an Achilles Heel and am definitely going back to try it.
If I'm wrong, I'd seriously appreciate any help here as time is running out to get into this beautiful building.

One side seems to have brick work stripped away and tiles are being collected.
There is still plenty to see at Cane Hill and if anyone fancies going very soon, please let me know, or if any of you are going, I'd love to make up the numbers or if someone can just give me an ultra helpful pointer, I'd really appreciate it.

Anyway, hope this wasn't too long winded and boring, but I'm a noob so go gentle!


This report is actually from a week or so ago and posted on another urbex site - I've been back since and met Zoltan, Hound of Dracula and his slightly inbred Steptoe (& Son) looking handler whilst trying for a main building entry but ending up taking video footage of the Nurses Block instead.
I'm going back for a 3rd visit if anyone else is up for it.