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Cane Hill Hospital: The Tower on the Hill by Pam Buttrey


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I was very surprised to find this the other day while browsing the internet for asylum-porn* - mostly just surprised to have not heard about it anywhere before!

Have got my copy now and its a whopper, its a shame there aren't more pics (just a meagre 12 pages in a 272 page book) and those that are contained could be a bit better-reproduced but that's a small complaint for such a comprehensively-executed project!

Its already out of print:eek: If you want one, my advice is to go to Amazon and pay the extra £2.80 to snap up a copy from the seller "Farthing Books" quick - DON'T order from Amazon themselves as they don't actually have any in stock (but will still take your order to be fulfilled if and when they do) and just cos it sold-out doesn't mean it'll actually ever be reprinted or restocked.

As anyone who buys books on specific asylums will know, most tend to be infuriatingly hard-to-find (and hard to afford) one-off printings - so hopefully it'll get reprinted but I wouldn't take the risk - you may end up waiting for a copy from Amazon which will never come while the last ones disappear from the other seller, for the sake of saving £2.80.:thumb

*that's the pornography of asylum buildings, not pornography set in an asylum, don't hold me responsible for whatever image appeared in your head:cool: