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Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield, April 2014.


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Hi all, my first report of probably my first over the fence explore.
Visited the site a month or so earlier with a friend, but he wasn't kitted out properly with some flimsy soft white trainers on. I visited solo early one Sunday morning for this report. Hardly anyone about and got in with no problems at all.

William Stones started brewing at premises in Acorn Street, where this brewery took up all the western side of the street, except for the Shalesmoor corner where the Red Lion was situated. Some time after 1860 he formed a partnership with a Mr. Watts, and moved about half a mile down the road, taking over the Neepsend Brewery of Shepherd, Green and Hatfield. This became "Cannon Brewery".

(text borrowed from an archiveed report by Bugsuperstar)

Spent a good couple of hours wandering around the site getting on all the roofs and into most of the cellars, but I think there are still a few areas which would warrant another good look around.
The site is pretty clean and most of the old stuff looks to have been removed. Parts of the taller buildings at the back have had a lot of internal demolition work done and there seems to be a lot of rubble in the darker lower areas, just be careful down there if you go in low light conditions :thumb
I have also read a few of the other posts on this site and can confirm there is a lot of grafitti in there too.

Entrance to one of the cellars

Wider view in the yard of the main rear buildings

Long Corridor

Down in the cellar

Mash tun holes I think ??

Time for tea ? The old and tiny canteen block which stands out in the yard

Dare I ?


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