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Report - Canterbury Cathedral - December 2015


rebmeM LD82
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Canterbury Cathedral seems to have had scaffolding round it for as long as I can remember. I lived in Canterbury for a while about 6 years ago, and it even had scaffolding round it then. If anything, there's more now than ever and several different routes to choose to the roof, so with it being Christmas and all myself and Sir Jonny P thought it'd be rude not to pop in.

I first visited here back in March with @extreme_ironing but I had camera battery issues so came away with precisely 4 photos. Still I had a good time and planned to revisit it as soon as I could. This turned out to be a full 9 months later, well summer and stuff got in the way. I was pleasantly surprised that pretty much nothing had changed in the time between visits which surprised me, I guess work must be progressing quite slowly.

It's certainly an impressive building up close, they're doing a lovely job on the stone. There's only so many angles you can take of a cathedral, well from this side, we didn't actually venture round the other side on this occasion. It was quite a clear night, but pretty windy!








Thanks for looking!



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I would love to do this some time. Can you please go more in depth on how to get in?
As a rough guide...
1) Take a quick look on streetview or maps to get a general idea of the layout of the area.
2) Travel to the location and utilise your observational skills.
3) Check for security cameras, exposure to busy public areas and security on site.
4) Identify point of access.
5) Give up and find another hobby. Cookery classes anyone?


rebmeM LD82
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I would love to do this some time. Can you please go more in depth on how to get in?
It's so easy if you can't work it out then I'll be really surprised. Last time I checked exactly the same access was still possible.

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