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Report - Cardiff Civil Defence Bunker - September 2018


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This was a little bonus explore while in Cardiff with @Brewtal and a non-member. It's pretty messy inside but full of old documents and interesting little bits.


Also known as the The Cardiff Corporation Landaff Sub Control, The sub-control was built in 1956 remaining operational until the disbanding of the Civil Defence Corps in 1968. After that date it remained in use, manned by Cardiff Corporation's voluntary Civil Defence Organisation until 1984. It was in theory operational as the Corporation's County Standby Control until 1991 but in practice it was never used apart from the storage of some radiac equipment.


The Explore

Despite the foul weather on the day, this made for a nice little stop off after spending a good few hours at a certain well known nearby Asylum.
The bunker is all above ground and is quite small, consisting of a few rooms packed full of stored documents and supplies.
It's located in a weird spot, right off a small round-about and somewhat obscured by trees and overgrowth.

Certainly an interesting little mooch to add onto what was already a great day of exploring.




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I think it was, but the Daily Fail and The Sun ran an article on the place in May, so not much point now.


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Just tried to get in here and for anyone who don't know already it's been bolted shut with two pack locks unfortunately :mad: