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Report - Cardiff Cold War Sub-Command Bunker


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Visited with Speed.

On our way through Wales en route to Ireland last year, we stopped by this time capsule. It was one of those visits where you rock up super early, get in and out and drive away not quite believing what you've just seen. Everything in there is very crumbly and smells of pure amazingness. Some of the rooms were just littered with tin hats and gas masks as if waiting for their signal to be used but then the war fizzled out and nobody bothered to tell them.

It's located in a busy housing estate and dare I say it, I guess many of the residents are unaware of the history that this place still has contained within its damp walls. There are posters showing diagrams of how the gas mask will benefit you when the bomb goes off-kabooooof!

On the wall in the main room, there is a massive red dragon! Perhaps it was placed there to eventually be used as a Welsh totem pole when all hope of saviour from God had failed. I can't remember what it was made of, wood possibly?

Along with all this other stuff, there was also tons of paperwork waitng to be written on like message forms and lots of instruction booklets.

A real nice place!































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