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Report - - Carrickfergus NI, Big Industry Nov 07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Carrickfergus NI, Big Industry Nov 07

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What was originally destined to be a quick visit to an old cigarette factory turned out to be quite the urbex. This place was massive, and we only managed to do one building of it because it appears to be partially live.

I visted with irishmanlost and a friend. We were snapping away at beautiful light conditions when all of a sudden we heard a van drive up outside the place we were in! We quickly retreated to a far corner of a reasonably open plan building filled with machinery. A couple of Polish guys walked in and we were hoping they were just security scouting the place and then moving on. Unfortunately they didn't quite move on, put on some overalls, fired up a generator, and started working in the place! After about 20 minutes of hiding in a corner, we waited until one of them turned the other way and ran towards a window, where we jumped out and made a very hasty exit. After getting caught a few months ago, we were in no mood for a repeat situation...

Chimney and walkway outside:

Gold dust for an urbexer:

The wind, combined with droplets of water and bats flying around made this really awesome:

Sunlight streaming in:


Unfortunately I can't find any info about what the place did...flashearth has a cooling tower nearby, and there was apparently some coal lying around...perhaps a disused power station? Great day out, aside from the whole hasty exit 50ft from the Poles...