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Report - Castle Carr (Part II), Yorks. - March 2010


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Castle Carr (Part II) - Ojay/Stepping Lightly

The journey continued.....

About 30 minutes later we carried on our final leg of the journey over to the Castle which was even more of a trek. "I swear I'm gonna be aching real bad after all this excercise tomorrow" LOL. Anyway a quick swill of Lucazade Sport and my energy levels are back up.....

As we approach the Castle we are now in full view of the neighbouring land owner who apparently doesn't take to kindly to 'Trespassers' and judging by the amount of 'Spent' shotgun cartridges the above facts of "setting his dogs" and "people being threatened" sprung to mind (GULP) :eek:

"Shall we be stealthy and get a few shots and leave, or should we be blase and just wander about for a while in full view" says Stepping Lightly...MMM "Fuck It" we both agreed wev'e come this far, "who cares if this guy comes over we will have to worry about that at the time".

No sooner had we agreed, Stepping Lightly spotted a Land Rover driving straight towards us, Bollox we hadn't even properly 'splored the Castle yet, FUCK!

Bizzarely enough we wandered around like N00bz without a care in the world and wasn't even spotted by this geezer? or if he did he just fed the livestock and fooked off back towards the farm.... Happy Days.

The Castle is in a bad way, although what remains of it is interesting for sure, and well worth the miles of walking to get here. I even managed to climb the old original spiral staircase in the tower (just) and take a few shots of the delapidated upper section and a couple looking back down before we finally made a move.

As I write this Thread I'm bolloxed and aching like hell from the amount of walking....But I have to say well worth it and one hell of a day with the amount of stuff we looked at even before and after the Castle; (definately the Highlight of the day), with the Lowlight being later on myself and Stepping Lightly chasing his mobile phone up some serious Sewer :D


Stone shield from above Original entrance




Remains of Spiral staircase down to cellars

















Spiral staircase to upper level


View from the top

Looking down...

Thanks for looking :thumb



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Made me lol the bit (shotguns carts sread all over to back up ) the castle grounds are a pheasant shoot (stay away saterdays october till feb ) and to rub salt in your wounds you could have accseed the castle with a ten minute walk great review tho and the walk wouldve done ya good

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