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Report - Castleford Police Station - December 2014


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After driving round Leeds last night bobbing in and out of places it was the early hours and just before heading home we decided to poke our heads in at the old police station in Castleford and what a good idea it was! I didn't take much time in here and aren't really happy with the pics so I might have to be pushed to a revist with some natural light . The place seemingly has been stripped including the main Courtroom, only the witness box remains :( but the old courtroom hidden away right upstairs was a nice find!

Brief history struggled to get much up:

The former Castleford Police Station is on the corner of Jessop Street and Station Road, close to the town centre. The two-story building has a parking area and yard on a site of 0.42 acres. The interior consists of 10,500 sq ft of accommodation including a reception, offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, stores and an area previously used as a courtroom with stairs leading to cells.

The building was home to former magistrate Dr Adam Jessop before it was a police station and a year later was to be converted to a courthouse and police station.

forgot to take a pic from outside so pulled one from the web:D





They fit!





What remains of the Courtroom hidden away upstairs:



Thanks for reading :)

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