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Report - Central Hydraulic Tower, Birkenhead (August 2011)


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I vaguely remember putting a report on this up sometime, but after looking at my threads I cant find it, but I also remember telling the_kwan to not post his for a few hours because the forum clock was messed up, my thread must have gone then.

Visited here around 8 times, most of them to just chill on a nice night. Visited with the_kwan and squeezethatgap, and later on without getting photos with smithy and a few other non members.

I did have more photos than what im posting here, but I cant seem to find them! I would go back for a return visit but apparently the graffers have been in :mad: The photos arent great, they were taken just 6-8 weeks after I got the camera, my first and current dslr, a D40.

History - Stolen from xan
Jesse Hartley, who was responsible for many of Liverpool's maritime structures - including the Albert Dock, designed the Central Hydraulic Tower and Engine House, also known as an accumulator tower it predated electric power. Providing power for the movement of lock gates and bridges at Birkenhead Docks, it was completed in 1863. The design of the building was based on the Palazzo Vecchio in the Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, Italy.

The building sustained considerable damage from bombing during the Second World War and more damage again in the 1950s from a malfunction of one of the acumulator pumps. This blew a significant portion of the building away and when the damage was repaired, it was done in a very in a functional manner, rather than in keeping with the architectural style of Jessie Hartley. The large lantern at the top of the tower was not replaced and the building is now disused and in a dilapidated condition.

In March 2008, a planning application was submitted for a £12 million restoration and redevelopment of the building by Peel Holdings to be converted into a bar and restaurant. A ninety-two bed hotel complex is planned to be constructed immediately adjacent to it. After examining online plans, this appears to be a complimentary scheme to Peel Ports vast Wirral Waters scheme and not actually part of the main plan.


#1 - This was left for us :D






#7 - the_kwan taking a photo of me taking a photo of him taking a photo of me taking a photo of him takin....






#13 - The trusty ladder im sure many of you are familiar with!

#14 - squeezethatgap cleaning up. Leave only footprints? not on his watch!


#16 - One of the many group shots we took