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Report - Central TV , Birmingham - 21/02/08

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Dr Zoidberg

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This was my third and most enjoyable visit here. There were potentially going to be six of us but some dropped out for various reasons and it ended up being just me and Meth who went in.

We had a good poke round as there were a couple of bits that each of us had seen but the other hadn't and we ended up finding some entirely new sections that I don't think have been shown in anyone else's reports.

There haven't been any major changes since the last time as the demo work has been put back till march , but once again a few more odds and ends have gone missing , possibly as a result of Central coming in and doing a sweep for anything else they might have left. The "On Air" signs from outside the studios were conspicuous by their absence.

The cleaners have their work cut out for them.


How on earth do you leave one of your relatives behind?
And *yes* it did have contents.


Mandatory studio shots



And the cinema again


This control room was new to us.






And an Apple


This was a new find as well


Our first trip to the roof was aborted as the police helicopter was overhead so we poked round and came across the most bizarre fire exit from the lighting gantry - through a small hatch into a narrrow corridor just behind the metail sheeting on the top floor that leads out onto the roof , or would have done if it wasn't locked.


Fortunately we found another way to the roof with a good view of the canal side area.


Broad street


and the BT Tower


When we left we found the gates had been locked and there was car parked right by them with someone inside so an alternative route off-site had to be found. This would be far too obvious for a lot of the time , but after midnight it did the job nicely.