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Report - Changsha Zinc Company, China - November 2014

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I've recently been posted to the city of Changsha, capital of Hunan Province in China to teach English.


Naturally I've been keen do some hands-on research into its industrial history. However, like other Chinese cities, its rapid expansion and building of endless flats and shopping and entertainment centres leaves its older buildings quickly demolished without ceremony.

Occasional relics remain though. While out on a bike ride recently I spotted behind a 10 foot perimeter wall, a fantastic abandoned industrial complex.



What was found was a whole quarter of abandoned heavy industry rusting and crumbling away - furnaces, tanks, pipes, shafts, silos, workshops, stores. Thanks to help with translation, I found out it used to be a zinc factory.

China is the world's biggest producer of the stuff, and the smelting process creates significant heavy metal pollution.


Not knowing much Chinese, it's been pretty hard to gain any specific history on the place, but as the original signs use traditional Chinese characters, it must have been built before 1952, which is when mainland China moved to using simplified Chinese. From the state of the decay and rust I'd say it's been closed for well over 20 years.

On with the photos:

Near the entry point, an old bus next to some workshop/store buildings

Into the factory itself - this will have been one of the main production rooms



One of several shafts

Moving to the smelting / blasting area

The radioactivity signs were cause for some consternation


As were the severely rusting platforms and stairs



Rooms such as this felt as if they'd not been entered in decades

Finally, looking back from some wasteland at the far side

Thanks for reading!
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Awesome stuff mate, great to see something from china, wish we see more their must be loads of sites..

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I've posted a few reports from China. I did an abandoned factory this weekend that I have to write up at some point.


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Nice report man. Really good shots there. Just out of interest, what are the trespass laws like over there?

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Thanks guys.

Nice report man. Really good shots there. Just out of interest, what are the trespass laws like over there?
Good question - just searched and can only find talk of a loophole regarding no mention of trespass in Chinese property law.

Went twice, the first alone, but second time took a couple of locals who decided to exit via the front security gate. The guard was irate, but just complained about getting in trouble if anyone got hurt.
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