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Report - Château de la Forêt, Belgium - April 2014


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This unoccupied castle, Château de la Forêt, is a stunning Neo-Tudor style building. Built in 1860, the Castle sits in the middle of a forest within a large estate grounds. The Château is not technically abandoned, from what I have been able to establish, the property was left to a group of descendants who are unable to agree upon a single owner and as a result the castle is left empty. Decay is starting to set in, especially within the upper floors where water is clearly breaching the flat roof. The castle features a rectangular design with 4 corner turrets and over 340 windows, there is a large basement area and remains within the grounds of a former fortress which was once built on the site pre-dating the current castle building.

Here are some photos from a couple of visits here, I went twice in one week which was a lot of travelling but well worth it :) I've been selective in choosing the shots for this one as they are processed a bit different to my regular work and I expect probably wouldn't go down too well, so, if you think these ones are bad, don't bother clicking the links to the full reports below ;)

This place is just jaw dropping, obviously it depends what you are into but being a fan of old houses with bits of contents, visiting this place was like hitting the jackpot! It's hard to choose favourites between the truly amazing features of the grand marble staircase in the huge entrance hall or the masses of items left behind while this place slowly falls apart! The two massive living room were ace, one had some cool light beams coming through the slats in the ground floor windows and wooden panelled walls and ceilings. The other used to feature a large tapestry which was sadly missing :( but there was still some cool furniture dotted around in there :).

The basement had a big wine cellar which consisted of a corridor which lead to one of the bases of the turrets and a circular layout of storage areas full of wine mostly dated in the 1970's! I could go on for ages about this place but i'll skip the rest enjoy the photos:

















If you didn't find the processing too offensive and want to see lots more from this place then there are 2 photo heavy reports on my website: http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2014/05/28/urbex-chateau-de-la-foret-belgium-april-2014/ & http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2014/06/10/urbex-chateau-de-la-foret-belgium-april-2014-revisit/


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This is the best place ever. I always look forward to seeing pictures of this place. it's getting worse now with even more ceilings comming down.
well done for the report and thanks for posting the pictures.


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post processing spot on in my books mate, just enough to highlight certain features and give the pic a little bit of pop, wicked stuff dude :thumb, fingers crossed ill be seeing it myself soon :p


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This place is amazing and the wine cellar looks awesome! I love all your photos :thumb. Looks like there are so many fab places in Belgium!

Tawny Fawn

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Just followed the link to your website and checked out both your reports - stunning photo's! Such an incredible looking place, I think I need to plan a trip oversea's!