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Report - Cheshire County Constabulary 7-4-06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Another one I've passed for years and can't remember not being derelict. It looked very secure with bricked up windows but if 28days has tought me anything it's that places are always worth a look. Spook did a recce and spotted a potential way in so we went last night. In the end it wasn't really difficult.

Once inside we had to go upstairs then along this corridor.

The place is not in a very bad condition, but in some places the floors were bad or even collapsed. Off the corridor we went into this big hall, we think this would have been a court room with the raised platform at the end for the Magistrates. We think a lot of stuff has been stolen or sold for salvage at some time, a lot of floorboards are missing and some of the fireplaces.

The place was generally like a big house and not too interesting but it had a few points of interest. We then came down these stairs, again the railings have been stolen, breaking the edges of the stone steps in the process. From the bits we found it must have been very ornate.

From there we soon discovered the real jewel in this place, the cells.

The picture above is a hallway accessed through a strong door (missing) and the far right cell door is just visible on the left. The black pipe originally had the cistern for the toilet at the top so the guards would flush the toilet from outside the cell. This cell had been converted to a store room at some time and the original long bench was still there but built into shelves. The toilet was there but broken in two.

There was another cell to the left of this, the toilet was missing and the bench had been burnt.

At the opposite end was the third cell, behind a big grille with a nice old looking lock still keeping it shut. This must have been where the real baddies were kept.

We dug our way under the grille and were rewarded for our efforts. This cell was totally untouched, like some Victorian prisoner had only just left. There was a metal plate, spoon and cup on the bench and a newspaper from 1908.


The toilet was intact and still had something unpleasant looking in it :eek:

Above the door, the square opening has a piece of strong glass, and behind that is the lightbulb.

The place was a real time capsule and we both spent quite a long time in there taking in the atmosphere. I have to admit it was a bit spooky (no pun), it was dark outside by then and most of the windows were boarded or bricked up so the only light was what managed to get in from street lights. Having said that we were both reluctant to leave the cells they were so unique. I'll finish with a few attempts at capturing the atmosphere of the place by the available light.


And a night shot, handheld, I can't find my tripod, of the outside.

john & Spook