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Report - China Clay Works, South Devon - October 2018

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28DL Full Member
After seeing some other forums for this place, I decided to go there myself, on a cold foggy morning, which really helped set the tone, and hide from the workers...

I visited this place in hope to find a particular warehouse/factory that is no longer in use, however this aim was not met. Instead, we found some other things instead, still of great interest!

The quarry itself is still in use in certain areas, however there are many big machines that no longer work and have been taped off, but left behind. We clambered up some steep hills to get misty view of the quarry. Only being able to see for a short distance in front of us, we managed to spot a tall looking machine, and headed straight for it. Upon arrival, we took liberty in taking some pictures with said machine. The caution tape and the dismantled stairs gave us the tone that it was out of order. As the fog thickened, we went searching for the building that originally captured our attention. Instead we came across another machine in very similar conditions. When sitting at the top of it, mind storming about the photo opportunities here, we could hear a nearby vehicle, getting closer and closer, we felt like it was time to leave, luckily for us, the fog completely hid us from the workers, making the getaway smooth.

When leaving the area, we notice a small cage that sat above clay infused water. The two entrances to this cage were padlocked, however we noticed that there was a shoulder width gap under the cage (above the water). So, with great difficulty, I clambered in and unfortunately there was only a small hatch inside that led to a tiny tunnel under the water, so small it wasn't worth the 10 minute attempt to get inside.

Later that day we decided come back for a sunset picture session, the fog and the workers were gone.

Enjoy the pictures!