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Report - - Chinnor Cement Works 16/01/2005 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Chinnor Cement Works 16/01/2005

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Came off M40 J6 not expecting to see anything special when this place loomed on the horizon with no smoke comming out of the big stack (mmm interesting me thinks). Main gates padlocked with barbed wire above (low) but overlooked by houses. Found bridleway at rear so after 20 min (very muddy) walk, I was in. Brilliant!! Unplanned so no tripod again & it pissed down. Click to enlarge...
1. My aim.
2. Tank
3. Orange
4. Pink (Thought I was in Pontins for a moment!)
5. Beehive Lime Kiln
6. Fan
7. Motor
8. Kiln 1
9. Main stack
10. ???


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Chinnor Cemet Works 16/01/06 - con't

Site dates back to 1908 for lime produntion, closed Jan 1999.
There was no security at all, with little damage (windows) probably by the "Chinnor boys" who had left their mark. Ooh i'm scared! Well worth a return visit, couldent stay too long & see the lot plus I was getting very wet.
1. Bottom of stack, electrostatic?
2. kiln
3. kiln
4. Russian anyone?
5. Things
6. Tanks
7. Tanks
8. Loading bay
9. Ladder down
10. Pipes