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Report - - Christmas Crane - Newcastle - 28/12/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Christmas Crane - Newcastle - 28/12/07

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28DL Full Member
Big thanks to Kona (my new neighbor!) for being my eyes on the ground and for having the patience to wait for me whilst I was up there.

I think he mentioned that this was discussed at the NE meet the other day which I didn't attend.

Anyway, Tolent Construction LTD have been feeling christmasy this year and have done a few things around Newcastle to make the place feel a bit more festive. On the building they are constructing near St James' they have placed a neon sign saying "Seasons greetings from Tolent" which is cool but what was really cool was the crane they decided to dress up with fairy lights! :eek:


I just couldn't resist :D

This was the first time I have done a crane solo and I must say I was extremely nervous, mainly because originally Kona was going to climb it as well but the rain and gale-force winds made him think twice. If he wasn't willing to chance it why was I still going to do this?

Anyway, dressed like a ninja, I hopped the fence, found my way to the base of the crane avoiding CCTV and started the ascent. This was a single ladder style one rather than those ones with stairs. Can I just say OWWWW, my arms are so sore from climbing it. Security was doing his rounds as I was climbing so I wanted to reach the top as soon as possible.

I found it really hard to try and take photos correctly exposing the lights whilst still being able to see the city so apologies for quality. Also the gods were pissing it down so my camera was absolutely soaked, hence blurry images.

I don't think I'll climb a crane again solo, especially without a climbing harness, as I tend to do stupid things when I am on my own. I decided that as windy as it was (and it was so windy I was blown over whilst crouching at one point) I would climb right to the top of the mast using the external ladder which had a sheer drop to the ground below it, without a harness. NEVER will I do this again as my shoelace got stuck on the way down and I was bricking it. Then stupid me decided to climb across a 3" thick 3m long peice of slippy steel to reach a cart part way along the length of the arm (or whatever it is called) which again could have resulted in a mild case of death, without anything to hold onto :eek:. In normal weather this would have been scary enough but with it blowing a hooly it was mental. Looking back why I would do such a stupid thing is beyond me, sheer adrenaline affecting my brain I suppose. :crazy

Enough crap, here are the pictures:

View from the top of the tower at the bit where it spins. I should really learn the names of crane parts :crazy

Driver's Cab, which I was suprised to find unlocked, I suppose not many people decide to rob the contents of crane cabs...

A nice comfy chair to sit in, warm up and eat the chocolate I found in there. Then I rang Kona and asked what chocolate bar he wanted me to save him :D

The back of the crane with the Tolent sign (not really visible) viewed from the cab

Looking along the length of the crane from the back

Sexy blueness on metal

The area in the left hand side of this picture would have been where I would have died had the wind blew me off the ladders on the way up

Looking along the length of the pretty, bright blue crane from atop the mast





Many thanks to Kona for helping me with this one.
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