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Report - Clare ROC - Suffolk - June 2019

The Witness

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28DL Full Member
wow! it was no where near that bad when i went there! head back if you can mate you will find it a lot easier to get in now!


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i did have a job finding it yet alone getting in, i got pretty muddy and had a couple of scrapes and cuts but once i found it there was no way i was leaving without going in! as they say curiosity killed the cat..... and i;m sure curiosity will be the end of me one day haha!
Thornes are annoying buggers that give winter exploring a positive to freezing your bollocks off, often since roc posts are in the arse end of nowhere they can be covered in Thornes and brambles, but being determined always wins!


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28DL Member
I visited this recently and I'm sad to report that some people have been down there and trashed the place. Everything that they could smash has been smashed and anything that could be torn up has been torn up including the polystyrene off the walls. So mindless.

This bunker was locked for years which is probably why it had survived in tact. It had a hefty padlock on it, the removal of that would not have been easy.

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