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Report - Claughton Centre, Dudley, 10/03/19


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This place was one of those locations you just find on your way somewhere else, but ended up being the most successful explore of the day. Getting in wasn't too tricky just took a little bit of scouting. Once inside it was an awesome explore! It's bigger than it looks from outside and we spent a good hour walking around and taking photos. It's in a strange in between zone of being trashed in some ways but also in pretty good condition in other ways. The atrium area on the second floor was definitely the highlight for me. (See second pic) :)

(Very Abridged)
Opened in 1904 as the Dudley Upper Standards School, it changed name to the Claughton Centre in 1957 (in honor of the Mayor of Dudley Sir Gilbert Claughton). It continued running as a school for another 33 years until in 1990 the school was merged with another and the building was repurposed as a youth centre/offices.
And onto the pics :)
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Some great photos, I often drive past this place and wonder what it is like inside. Sadly it burned down last night (Early hours of 5th July 2020) following an arson.

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