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Report - Cliff Vale pottery, Stoke

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Fantastic old pottery factory in the heart of Stoke on trent. Has two of what was once many bottle kilns on the site remaining. The place really is rotten, and has had numerous arson attacks, making exploration of the building very dangerous.

The first time we went we came across a covered walkway, sagging with age. Without really thinking, we walked across it, even tho there was no need as it did not lead anywhere. I remember saying to turk "this looks abit dodgy dont it..."

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Anyway, on our second visit most of a whole block had collapsed, bringing the walkway down with it!!!

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It is a dangerous place and not a place for the amature explorer (no offence) you could die here!!!

But it really is a fantastic location... see it while you can. Its getting made into (well I'll let you guess...)